"confidential relationship" "extra help" "fallback" insurance plans "Orange Form" "patient's bill of rights" "retaliatory discharge" "Statute of Frauds" "Untie the Elderly" $3.5 million 3.8% tax 14-3971 21 55 Alive Driver Safety Program 70 1/2 401(k) 403(b) 529 plans 709 1040 1041 2010 2011 A/B trusts AAEPA AARP AARP Retirement Survival Guide ABA abandoned property Abdol Azaran ABLE Accounts ABLE Act Abrams v. Massell abuse Academy of Special Needs Planners accountant accounting Accounts Management ACTEC Actiq activities of daily living acupuncturist Addison Insurance Marketing ademption Administration on Aging Administrative Law Judge Administrative Procedures Act admission agreements adoption Adrian Doe adult adoption adult children with disabilities Adult Community Total Services Adult Comprehensive Protection Services Inc adult day-care Adult Foster Care Homes Adult Protective Service Adult Protective Services Adult Respiratory Disease Syndrome advance directive registry advance directives Advanced Legal Systems Inc. Aetna Health Plans of California Aetna Senior Choice Affidavit of Succession Affordable Care Act after-tax contributions age discrimination Age Discrimination in Employment Act Agency for Health Care Policy and Research agent aging Aging and Adult Administration aging in place Agnews Developmental Center AHCCCS Ahrendsen v. Iowa Dep’t. of Human Services aid and attendance AIDS Alabama Alabama Supreme Court Alain Ellis Living Trust v. Harvey D. Ellis Living Trust Alan Greenspan Alaska Alaska Supreme Court Albuquerque alcohol alcoholism Alfredo Marquez alimony Alive and Kicking Allan Levine Allen Struck Allen v. Dalk Allen v. Wessman allergist Alliance for Aging Research Allyne M. Peter ALMS ALTCS Alvarado Kelly Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s Association amendment American Bar Association American College of Trust and Estate Counsel American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company American Estate Services Inc. American Health Care Association American Hospital Association American Life and Casualty Company American Medical Association American Seniors Housing Association Americans with Disabilities Act Amos Goodall anatomical gifts ancillary probate Andrew Owens Andrew Scharlach anesthesia Anesthesia & Pain Management Associates Ltd. Anita O’Riordan Anne Watts annual exclusion amount annuities annuity annulment antenuptial agreement Anthony J. Barker Anthony Sebastian antilapse statute appointment apportionment appraisal arbitration clauses arbitrator Ardary v. Aetna Health Plans of California Arizona Arizona Adult Protective Services Act Arizona Attorney General Arizona Cancer Center Arizona Court Arizona Court of Appeals Arizona law Arizona Legislature Arizona Revised Statutes Arizona Secretary of State Arizona State Retirement System Arizona Supreme Court Arizona tax returns Arizona Trust Code Arizona Veteran’s Service Commission Arkansas Arkansas Court of Appeals Arkansas Dept. of Human Services v. Wilson Arnett et al vs. CalPERS arthritis artificial insemination ARV Assisted Living Aspen Publishers aspiration pneumonia assignment of personal property assisted housing assisted living Assisted Living Concepts assisted suicide Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists asthma Astrue v. Capato attorney Attorney's fees attorney-in-fact attorney ad litem Attorney General Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland Atwood v. Riviotta Australia Austwick v. Legal Advocacy Service autism autonomy Baby Boomers Baby Busters Back v. Sebelius Baird Brown Balanced Budget Act of 1997 Baldwin v. Branch Ballard Creek Community BankBoston Bankers Life and Casualty Company bank fraud Bank of America Bank One Trust Co. Bank One Trust Co. v. Miami Valley Hospital bankruptcy bank trust Baptist East Hospital Baptist Medical Center Barbara Keithly bastard Batchelor v. Yates BDO Seidman Beatrice Passmore Beckert v. Our Lady of Angels Apartments Inc. bedsore bedsores Bellows v. Bellows BellSouth Bemis v. Estate of Bemis Beneficiary Deed beneficiary designations Berbarian v. Gernannt Bergeron v. Shalala best interests Better Business Bureau Beverly Ann Wells Beverly Enterprises Big Mike Bill Clinton Bill Gates Sr. Billie B. Line Jr. Billings Bill Potts Billy Collins Billy Preston Blanchard et al. v. Forrest blood transfusion Blue Cross of California Blue Valley Medical Group Board of Attorneys’ Professional Responsibility Bob Holden Book Review Boston College Boston Herald Boyd v. Boyd Bracken v. Earl Brandon Gould Brandon v. APMA Ltd. breach of fiduciary duty breach of trust breathe Brenda Young Brethren Healthcare Center Brewton v. State of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Broell v. Estate of Broell Bruce Ash Burch & Cracchiolo P.A. v. Moore Bureau of Labor burial Butler v. LeBouef bypass trusts Byrnes v. LCI Communications Holding Company Caba v. Barker California California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform California Court of Appeals California Department of Developmental Services CalPERS Calvin Graves cancer CANHR v. Bonta Can I Retire? capacity capital gains tax Care Coordinators Inc caretaker caretakers Carl Baylis Carl Pierson Carmen DiCesare Carol Abaya Associates Carol Creasy Carol F. Nickel Carol Stocking carryover basis Carter v. Azaran case management case management company CCRCs CDs Cecil Stockwell Center for Health Care Rights Center for Medicare Advocacy Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Century Oak Care Center certified document preparers Certified Elder Law Attorney Certified Nurse's Aide Certified Public Accountants charitable gift charitable lead trust charitable remainder trust charities Charla McNally Burchette Charles Butin Charles F. Stein III Charles Grassley Charles Schottland Charles Zandford Charlotte F. Tavel Charter Network Company Chayo Reyes checking accounts checklists child custody children Child Support chiropractor Chiyeko Tanouye Christopher V. Chambers Chuck Grassley Cigna Health Care of Arizona Cindy M. King citizenship civil commitment Clarion Mortgage Clarissa Wade class action Clay Cliff client trust account Clifford Crummey CMS CNA co-agents co-payment co-payments co-trustees Cochran Investment Co. Cochran Investment Co. Inc. v. Bank of America codicils cognitive impairment COLA College View Nursing Home Colorado Colorado Supreme Court Comfort Care/DNR Order Verification Protocol Form Commission on Legal Problems of the Elderly Committee on Aging common-law marriage common law common law trust Commonwealth v. Mimless Community Home Health community property community property with right of survivorship Community Service Network Community Spouse Resource Deduction Compassion & Choices Compassion in Dying Compassion in Dying v. State of Washington Comprehensive Personal Care Services Inc. compulsive confidential marriage license conflict of interest congestive heart failure Congress Congressional Budget Office Connecticut Connecticut Appellate Court Connie A. Gajewski conservator conservatorship conservatorship bond conservatorship of a minor Conservatorship of Anderson Conservatorship of Bardwell v. Bardwell Conservatorship of Clifford H. Conservatorship of Emma Conservatorship of J.R. Conservatorship of Mallet Conservatorship of Mills Conservatorship of the Person of Wendland Conservatorship of Tremble Conservatorship of Wendland constitutional trust constructive trust contingency fee continuing care retirement communities contract contractual capacity contractual will Contract with America Corby v. McCarthy Costa Rica Cottingham v. McKee Council of Advanced Practitioners Country Home Care Couple's Retirement Puzzle court investigator Court of Appeal Court of Appeals of North Carolina court rules Covenant Care Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Covino v. Forrest Coye v. Hope CPR Crafton v. Gibson Creasy v. Rusk credit card creditors credit shelter trusts cremation criminal prosecution Cristofani trusts Crittell v. Bingo Crocker v. Ryan Crummey trusts Crummey v. Commissioner CSRA cults Cunningham v. Lawson custodian Cynthia Owsley D. Frank Benson D. Harry Markstein Jr. Dadian v. Village of Wilmette Dale Law Firm Dan Anderson Danielle Levine Daniel Patrick Moynihan Danny Holly Darlene Brozovich Dasa Colsman Dave Carr David Broudy David John Mason David Mason David R. James II David Snowdon David Wallace Taggart DEA Dead Man's Statute dead man's switch Dean Witter Reynolds death Death and Taxes death benefit Death With Dignity Act debit card Deborah Spence DeCambre v. Brookline Housing Authority decanting deceased spousal unused exclusion amount Decedent's Trust decubitis ulcer deductibles deductions deficiency judgment dehydration deinstitutionalization DeKalb County Nursing Home delayed retirement dementia Dementia: A Clinical Approach Dennis Kennedy Dennis McClatchey Department of Health and Human Services Department of Motor Vehicles Department of Veterans Affairs dependents depression Depression Babies Derek Levine DeRose v. DeRose Desbiens v. Delgman destitute Deutsch Larrimore & Farnish P.C. v. Johnson developmental disability diabetes Diane Rooney digital assets disability disappearance Disciplinary Counsel v. Blair disciplinary proceeding disclaimer disclaimer deed disinheritance dissolution District of Columbia District of Columbia Court of Appeals Division of Developmental Disabilities divorce DNA testing DNR Dobyns Family Trust Doctors Doctrine of Necessaries domestic violence Donald Galbasini Donald J. Murphy Donald W. Fett Donna L. Wagner Donna M. Reulbach Donna Shalala Dorn v. Cohen Dr. Andrew Weill Dr. Joseph Coughlin driving driving agreement Drug Enforcement Administration drugs DSUEA dual eligibles due on sale due process rights durable power of attorney Durso v. Vessichio Duttry v. Patterson Dynasty trusts early retirement Early Retirement Incentive Program Eastbrooke Health Care Center Easter West Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 ECT Edith LeFevre Edmonds v. Oxford House Edmund Gernannt Edward Mastromonaco Edward Miller Edward Tremble Edward W. Campion Egelhoff v. Egelhoff Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals EIN elder abuse elder care Elder Consumer Protection Program elder law Elder Law Answer Book Elder Law Fax Elder Law Forum elderly drivers Eleanor terHorst election against a will elective share electronic documents Elias v. Colvin Elizabeth Kutza Elizabeth Miller Elkhart County Dep’t of Public Welfare v. Estate of Cripe Ellen Fox Ellen Stout Elliott v. Hawkins Eloise Selby Emeritus Emil Peter IV emphysema Empire Physicians Medical Group Employee Benefit Research Institute Employee Retirement Security Income Act of 1974 end-of-life planning Engracia Torregosa Garcia Entrust v. Snyder Equal Employment Opportunity Commission equitable adoption equitable title ER 1.8 ERISA Ernie Zielinski escheat estate Estate and Trust Estate of Baral v. Commissioner Estate of Bessett Estate of Blackford Estate of Born Estate of Briskman Estate of Brown v. Estate of Brown Estate of Budney Estate of Butwin Estate of Davis Estate of Del Castillo Estate of Dicksion Estate of Donovan Estate of Evans Estate of Fitzgerald v. Linnus Estate of Ford Estate of Furst Estate of Gardiner Estate of Gardner Estate of Gilbert Estate of Gillespie Estate of Gordon Estate of Gorsik Estate of Hintz Estate of Hinz Estate of Hollett Estate of Hook Estate of J.B. Warren Estate of Kessler Estate of Knudson Estate of Laubenheimer Estate of Leibig v. Somerville Senior Citizens Housing Inc. Estate of Lundahl Estate of Lutz Estate of Marquis Estate of Marsh Estate of Martinez Estate of Mask v. Elrod Estate of Milas Estate of Montañez Estate of Nelson v. Rice Estate of O'Hare Estate of Otani v. Broudy Estate of Pond Estate of Prescott Estate of Pruitt v. Commissioner Estate of Raduazo Estate of Reno Estate of Robert L. Johnson Estate of Roccamonte Estate of Rodriguez Estate of Rogers Estate of Rosengarten Estate of Schlueter Estate of Serovy Estate of Sky Dancer Estate of Somers Estate of Starkey v. United States Estate of Stephens Estate of Sweetland Estate of Taylor v. Muncie Medical Investors Estate of Thompson Estate of Tyler Estate of Voss v. Lee Estate of Werner Estate of Wilner Estate of Wolf estate planning Estate Planning Smarts estate recovery estate sale Estate Street Partners Estate Tax estate tax return Esther Caplan Trust estoppel Ethical Will ethics Eugene Sukup Eula M. Somers Eunice Walker Evangelical Health Systems Evelyn Didier Evelyn Marie Reno executor exemption exemption equivalent trusts exercise exploitation extradition Facebook FAFSA Fair Acres Geriatric Center Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Fairfax Nursing Home Fairfax Nursing Home Inc. v. United States Department of Health and Human Services Fair Housing Act Fair Housing Act Amendments of 1988 Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 Falvey v. Zurolo Families of Elders Have a Lot Riding On Budget Debates family court family home Family Responsibility Family Services Inc. Favour v. Favour FBI Federal Agency for Health Policy and Research Federal Ditrict Court Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Federal Trade Commission fees Fernando Torres-Gil FHP Fickett v. Superior Court Ficke v. Evangelical Health Systems fideicomiso Fidelity & Deposit Company of Maryland fiduciary Fiduciary Abuse Specialist Team fiduciary duty Fife Symington file and suspend filial responsibility financial financial advisers financial power of attorney Financial Services Company fingerprints Fircrest School Firstar Bank First Circuit Court of Appeals First Colony Life Insurance Company v. Gerdes First Healthcare v. Rettinger First Western Bank & Trust v. First Lutheran Church Foundation fiscal intermediaries Flanigan v. Munson flat fees Fleet Mortgage Group Fleet Mortgage Group v. Kaneb Fleming & Curti Flinn Foundation Florida Florida Court of Appeal Florida Court of Appeals Florida Supreme Court Floyd Spence foreclosure foreign trust formulary Forum Group Foster Care Independence Act of 1999 foster children Foster v. Ross found property Franciscan Hospital Franciscan Sisters of the Poor Franciscan Village Francis v. Piper Frank Collins Frank Lautz fraud fraudulent conveyance fraudulent misrepresentation fraudulent transfer Fremont General Corporation Fremont Life Insurance Company French Friar v. Friar Friends of Legal Services to Older Persons full faith and credit full retirement age funding funeral Gagnon v. Coombs Gail Rentsch GAO Garcia v. Pinkham Gary and Sheila Taylor Gary Community School Corporation Gary Teacher’s Union gender General Accounting Office General Motors Generations Generation Skipping Trusts Gentry Group George Steinbrenner George Weller George Winn Georgia Georgia Court of Appeals Geriatric Care Manager geriatricians geriatric specialists Gersten v. Gersten get nothing gifts gift tax gift tax return Gina Gills Glendale Glenda’s House Goar Trust Golden State Pooled Trust Gonsalves v. Alameda County Superior Court Good Samaritan Hospital Gordon Smith Gould v. American Family Mutual Insurance Co. gout governing law Government Accountability Office Grace Gillespie Grand Canyon College Grand Canyon College v. Goms Grande v. Jennings grandparents grandparents’ rights grantor trust Gray Panthers Project Fund v. Tommy G. Thompson Green Lake State Bank Grey Bear v. ND Dep’t of Human Svces Grijalva et al. v. Shalala Groce v. Director Arkansas Dept. of Human Services group home Grunder v. Mahaffey GST GST Tax Guarantee of Payment Guardian guardian ad litem guardian of the estate Guardian Postacute Services guardians fees guardianship guardianship across state lines Guardianship and Conservatorship of Horrigan Guardianship of Carpenter Guardianship of Decker Guardianship of Enos Guardianship of Esther L.K. Guardianship of Guynn Guardianship of Lamb Guardianship of Lon Hocker guardianship of minor Guardianship of Morris Guardianship of O'Brien Guardianship of Sanders Guardianship of Simmons Guardianship of Sweeney Guardianship of Tatum guardianship of the estate guest authors Gustav Gomprecht Hagan v. Shore Haldol Hamilton v. Laine Hampshire v. Powell Handbook for Trustees Hank Dunn Hard Choices for Loving People hardship Harold LeFevre Harriet and Nathan Sanders Memorial Fund Harris v. James Hartford Insurance Harvey Finks Hawa'i Court of Appeals Hawai'i Hazel Staley Hazen Paper Co. v. Biggins HCBS HCFA Review head injury health care Health Care Financing Administration health care power of attorney health care proxy health costs HealthEd LLC Health Education Network Health Insurance Association of America Health Insurance Reform Act Health Reform Bill heart disease Heirs of Goza v. Estate of Potts Helen Hayes Hospital Henrichs v. Hoener Henry Kennedy herbal supplements Herb Kohl Hickory Creek of Connersville v. Estate of Combs Hillhaven Hospital HIPAA HMO Hoag v. French/Wells hoarding Holiday Holmes v. Burchette holographic will home and community based services home care home health agencies home health aides home health care nurse homeless homeowners home repairs Hoppe v. Kandiyohi County Hopwood v. Pickett Horlacher v. Drexler hospice Hospice Family Care Inc House Bill 2053 House Bill 2457 House Bill 2485 House Resolution 216 housing How to Avoid Probate How To Retire Happy Hoyt v. Hoyt HUD Hughes Missile Systems Company human remains Human Resources Administration humor Huntington’s Hurly v. Houston hypertension hypothermia Idaho ILIT Illinois Illinois Bar Association Illinois Court of Appeals immigrants Imperial Manor Convalescent Center Imperial of Hazel Crest Nursing Home important papers In-Kind Support and Maintenance Inc. v. Nelson incapacity income beneficiaries income eligibility limit income tax income trusts incompetent Indiana Indiana Court of Appeals Indiana Family and Social Services Administration v. Day Indiana Supreme Court Indian Health Services informed consent inherited IRA In Home Supportive Services In Matter of Knichel inpatient treatment In re: Baylis In re: Estate of Johnson In Re: Guardianship of Head In Re: Sidney A. Head Sr. In re Branning In re Covington In Re Duran In re Estate of Posey v. Bergin In re Estate of Sanders In Re Forbeck In Re Garner In Re Guardianship of Mason In re Guardianship of Ruth E.J. v. Ruth E.J. In re Joann E. In re Lee In Re Mead In re Molloy v. Bane In Re Petramala In re Richard A. In re Spiers In re T.V. In re the Estate of Kirkes In Re the Shaheen Trust In re Woodworth insurance insurance portability insurance salesmen Integrated Health Services Intergroup Intergroup of Arizona Internal Revenue Service internet interpleader in terrorem clause interstate intervention intestate In the Matter of Barnard In the Matter of Butin In the Matter of Chandler In the Matter of Estate of Kelly In the Matter of Jordan In the Matter of Lillian Glasser In the Matter of Runge In the Matter of the Estate of Ingmand In the Matter of the Estate of Mildred I. Berthot In the Matter of the Estate of Miller In the Matter of the Estate of Ober In the Matter of the Estate of P.K.L. In the Matter of the Guardianship of Emma W. in trust for investment in vitro fertilization Iowa Iowa Court of Appeals Iowa Supreme Court IRA IRAs Irene Mailhiot Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust irrevocable trust irrevocable trusts IRS Irwin Miller ITF Jack Campo Jack Kevorkian Jackson v. Tangreen James A. Rice James C. Nelson James Marier James Mask James Miller Jane Bryant Quinn Jane Hausman Janet Clark Janet Waddell Jan LeGrand Jean Elbaum Jeff Calvert Jeffrey L. Cummings Jeffrey T. Stromberg Jennifer Lee Pryor Jennifer Wagner Jewish Home for the Elderly of Fairfield County Jewish Home for the Elderly of Fairfield County Inc. v. Cantore Jim Cooper Jim Hill Jim McDermott Joan Ardern Joe Biden Joe Catania Joe L. Hegel Joel Schoenmeyer John A. Brooke John Ashcroft John Breaux John Cocivera John D. Goodin John Englehart John L. Guth John Libertine John Persse John S. Palmer John Sailer Johns Hopkins Hospital Johnson City Press Johnson v. Kotyck Johnson v. Lih John Warner John Wayne Cancer Institute joint bank accounts Joint Conference on Law and Aging joint control agreement joint revocable trust joint tenancy Jose Aruguete Josephine Burstein Joseph Roy Joseph Shevlin Jose Vega Joshua Wiener Journal of the American Medical Association Joy Loverde Joy of Not Working Juan-Torregosa v. Garcia Judith Thompson Judy Flower June Miller jurisdiction Just Like Home J’Noel Gardiner Kaiser v. Blue Cross Kalfin v. Kalfin Kansas Kansas Court of Appeals Kansas Supreme Court Karen Ann Quinlan Karlene Ball Katherine Doucette Kathryn Gordon Keefe v. Shalala Keithly v. Vance Kelly v. Elliston Kendal Corporation of Pennsylvania Kennebec Long Term Care Kenney Hegland Ken Reeves Ken Tims Kentucky Kentucky Court of Appeals kettles of fish Key Bank Kieran Hartley York King v. New York State Department of Health Kinney v. Shinholser Kinship Care Act of 1995 Klein v. American Life & Casualty Company Knight v. Beverly Health Care Kousoulas v. Marinis Kulp v. Kulp Kurowski v. Gorman Kyle Krueger LaMar Piper Lambertus v. Day-Strange Lambert v. Southard Lane v. Spriggs Laura Carnese Laura Marie Lowrie Lawndale Community Church law of intestacy Law Practice Today Lawrence McLernon Lawrence Patterson Lawrence Rettinger lawyer lawyer as fiduciary Leadership Council of Aging Organizations Lee v. Lee Legal Counsel for the Elderly Inc. Legal Guardianship Services Inc. legal malpractice legal questions legal separation Legal Services Corporation legal title letter to parents Levine v. Levine Levine v. Steiger Levy v. PacifiCare Lewis T. Patterson liability of guardian Lian Soung liens life estate life insurance Life Insurance Company of Georgia Life Insurance Company of Georgia v. Johnson life insurance trusts Lillian Glasser limited guardianship and conservatorship Limited Liability Companies Linda Davis Linda DeRuvo-Keegan lis pendens Litel Communications Inc. living trusts living wills Lloyd Hines Loft Film Fest long-distance caregivers long-term care long-term care costs long-term care insurance Long Term Care Campaign Long Term Care Ombudsman Lori Flanigan Lorin H. Mimless Lori Stiegel loss of consortium lost property Louise Macool Louisiana Louisiana Court of Appeal Lowrance v. Smith LPN Lucareli v. Lucareli Lutheran Brethren Retirement Services Inc. v. Ness Lutheran Services Florida M.I.Marshall & Isley Trust v. McCannon Mack v. Soung Madelin Doe Madrid Home for the Aging Madrid Home for the Aging v. Story County Maha mail Maine Maine Rx Program Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals Maine Supreme Court majority Making Medical Decisions for Someone Else malicious prosecution malnutrition managed care mandatory reporting manslaughter Margaret Enos Maria A. Fiatarone Maria Doe Marian Lupu Maria Rodriguez Maricopa County Maricopa Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance Mariner Post-Acute Network Mark Olsen Mark Resop Marks v. Irwin Bank & Trust marriage Marriage of Blakely and Blakely Marriage of Denowh Marriage of Falk Marriage of Oakley married couple Marshall Kapp Marshall Sanders Marvin Teel Mary Brewton Maryland Mary Miller Mary Rescigno Mary Serovy Mary Sibley Mary Winn Massachusetts Massachusetts General Hospital materialman's lien MatrixInfoSys Trust v. Commissioner Matter of Estate of Graves Matter of Iwen Matter of Kroll v. New York State Department of Health Matter of Latek Matter of Lavery Living Trust Matter of Powell Matter of Shah Matter of Shumway Matter of the Estate of Elizabeth Craig Matter of the Guardianship of Holly Matter of Waterfield v. Trust Co. Matthies v. Mastromonaco McCall v. PacifiCare of California Inc. McDonald's McGovern v. AHCCCS McKennan Hospital McKenzie v. DC DHS McLaughlin v. Jones McNair v. City and County of San Francisco MCOs McQueen v. Drumgoole Medi-Cal mediation Medicaid MediCal medical deductions medical directives medical ethics medical malpractice Medicare Medicare Antikickback Act Medicare tax medications medicine Medigap MediGrant Memorandum Decisions mental capacity mental health mental illness Mercedes Kibbee Mercy Medical Center Merriott v. Merriott Metropolitan Life Insurance v. Sullivan Mexican Land Trust Mexico Miami Valley Hospital Michael Brandon Michigan Michigan Court of Appeals migraines Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement Miller v. Currie Miller v. Department of Human Services Miller v. KeBank National Association Miller v. Kresser Miller v. State of Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services Milligan College Minassian v. Rachins minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance minimum required distribution Minnesota Court of Appeals Minnesota Supreme Court minority minority group mislaid property missing person missing will Mississippi Mississippi Court of Appeals Missouri Missouri Court of Appeals Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Missouri Health Care Association v. Holden MIT AgeLab Mitchell v. Folmar & Associates LLP Model Ongoing Criminal Conduct Act Model Rules of Professional Conduct Model Rules of Professional ConductResponsibility Model Rules of Professional Responsibility Montana Montana Attorney General Montana State University Montana Supreme Court Moon v. Guardian Postacute Services Inc. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Morris Rozar Mortenview Manor MRD Mulder v. South Dakota Department of Social Services Murray v. Smith Museum of the Rockies Myra Bryce Richardson N. Frank Lanocha NAELA NAELA Institute NAIC Nancy Beth Cruzan Nancy Cruzan Nancy Elliston Nancy Kassebaum National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys National Alliance for Caregiving National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month National Association for Home Care National Association of Geriatric Case Managers National Association of Insurance Commissioners National Association of Securities Dealers National Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare National Center for Policy Analysis National Center on Elder Abuse National Citizens’ Coalition for Nursing Home Reform National Citizen’s Coalition for Nursing Home Reform National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws National Council on Aging National Elder Law Foundation National Family Caregivers Month National Geriatric Care Managers Association National Guardianship Association National Hospice Organization National Housing Act of 1959 National Institute on Adult Day Care National Institute on Aging Native Americans NBC's Meet the Press NCCUSL Nebraska Nebraska Court of Appeals Needels v. Roberts neglect negligence Nell Graham Sale net investment income neurologist Nevada New Challenges New England Journal of Medicine New Hampshire Supreme Court New Jersey New Jersey Superior Court New Jersey Supreme Court new laws Newman-Pauley Residential Trust New Mexico New South Wales Newt Gingrich New Times New Years Resolutions New York New York Surrogate's Court New York Times next friend Nicholas Hayes Raye Nickel v. Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals NNEPA no-contest clause non-probate transfers non-profit Norman Dacy Norman Flower Norman Health Care Center North Carolina North Dakota North Dakota Supreme Court Northport Health Services v. Owens Northwestern Mutual Life Norton v. Hinson Norwest Trust notary public notice of discharge Now You Have a Trust NPR nuncupative will Nurse Practitioners nursing home nursing home aides Nursing Home Reform Act Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 Nursing Home Residents Bill of Rights Nursing Homes Obergefell v. Hodges obituary OBRA obsessive obsessive-compulsive disorder Ohio Ohio Court of Appeals Oklahoma Oklahoma Supreme Court Older Americans Act Onewest Bank v. Erickson Operation Restore Trust Optimum Manufacturing Oregon Oregon Board of Medical Examiners Oregon Court of Appeals Oregon Death With Dignity Act Oregon Supreme Court organ donation Organ Donor Network organ transplant original documents osteoporosis Our Lady of Angels Apartments outpatient services over-the-counter drugs overreaching Owens v. Mazzei Oxford House PacifiCare Health Systems PacifiCare of Arizona PacifiCare of California Palo Alto Senior Center Pamela D. Svoboda Pamela Svoboda Panel Publishers Paradise Valley Hospital parentage Parkinson's Park West Part B Part D partial incapacity partial intestacy Partners Health Plan Partnership for Elder Care PAS Paschall v. DC Department of Health passwords Pataskala Oaks Care Center v. Leslein paternity paternity claims patient advocate patient dumping patient liability Pat McGinnis Patricia Dutton Patricia Lobello Patricia Nelson Patricia Sitchler Patsy Vargo Patterson v. Strickland Paul A. Bilder Paul Bengston Paul Bruzga Paul Lichterman Award Paul Stelzer Paul Wellstone payable on death Peer Review Organization penalty periods Penn State Law Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Superior Court Pennsylvania Supreme Court Pension Protection Act People v. Fremont General Corp. People v. Raye People v. Taggart People’s Bank of Pratt Perna v. Department of Public Welfare Perry v. Bullen personal injury settlement personal liability personal needs allowance personal property personal property list Personal Representative personal services agreement personal services contract Peter Santini Petition for Instructions pets Pettigrew v. Pettigrew pet trusts Pew Charitable Trusts Pfannenstiehl v. Pfannenstiehl Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America v. Concannon Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America v. Meadows Philadelphia physical limitations physical restraints physician aid-in-dying Physicians Physicians Assistants Physician’s Order on Life Sustaining Treatment Pilafas v. Arizona Zoological Society Pima Council on Aging Pima County Pima County Public Fiduciary pitchmen pituitary growth hormone Pitzer v. Union Bank of California placental gonadotropin Plaza Healthcare pneumonia POA pocket deed POD Podolsky v. National Medical Enterprises Inc. poetry POMS pooled trust portability postnuptial agreement pourover wills power of appointment power of attorney pre-hospital medical care directives Prehospital Medical Care Directive preliminary injunction premiums premium support prenuptial agreement Presbyterian Medical Center Presbyterian Medical Center v. Budd prescription drugs presents Preshus Graves principal principal distributions privacy private caregivers private fiduciaries Private Letter Ruling Probate probate avoidance Probate Code probate court probate estate Prof. Katherine Pearson professional negligence pro hac vice property tax provate avoidance Prudential-Bache Securities Prudential Insurance v. Athmer and Hill Prudential Savings Bank psychiatric care psychosurgery Public Administrator Public Citizen Inc. Public Citizen Inc. v. U.S. Dep’t of Health and Human Services Public Fiduciary public reprimand Publishers Clearing House punitive damages pure trust PVS Pysell v. Keck QDisT QDWI QI QMB QTIP trusts Qualified Disability trust Qualified Domestic Trusts qualified plan Quality Improvement Organizations Queensland questionnaire quit claim deed racketeering Ragle v. Beverly Enterprises Ralph and Elaine Lawson Rand Corporation Raquel Bermisa Rasmussen v. Fleming real estate Rebecca Morgan reciprocal wills records destruction records retention referall fees refinancing refrigerator Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Reich v. Collins Reinventing Retirement remainder beneficiaries removal of trustee representative payee residuary devise resignattion of trustee respiratory disease respite care restaurants restraints resulting trust retirement retirement accounts retirement plans reverse mortgage revocable living trust revocable trusts revocation of power of attorney revocation of will revocatory act RFG Group Richard Baxter Richard D. Goldberg Richard Earl Richard Knori Richard Otto Richard Pryor Riddell v. Edwards right of survivorship right to counsel right to die risk Rita Riell-Corbin Robbins v. Foseid Robert Baxter Robert Fleming Robert James Skousen Robert James v. Roaslie Kaye Bruno James Robert L. Johnson Robert LaHue Robert McClelland Robert V. Bolinske Robert Wendland Robert Wilkins Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Robert Zelnick Robin Bouru Rodney Olson Rodriguez v. Graca roll-over IRA Ronald Arnett Ronald LaHue Ronald Reagan Ron Landsman Ron Stall Rose v. Via Christi Health System Roth IRA Ruby Ussery Rudolph Tanzi Rule 1.8 Rule 1.14 Rule 11 sanctions Ruth Libros Ruvalcaba v. Ruvalcaba safe deposit box Safe Return safety Saldarriaga v. Saldarriaga sales tactics Sally K. Richardson same-sex couples Samis v. Samis Samuel Paschall Sandra Day O’Connor Sarah Ann Ester Straw Saunders House Nursing Home scams Schedule S Scheffel v. Krueger Schlaefer v. Financial Management Schoenfeld v. Apfel School Sisters of Notre Dame Scottsdale Healthcare Inc. v. AHCCCS Scott v. Commissioner screwdriver Sears v. Hampton second marriages secret trust Section 8 section 209(b) Section 529 Plans Secure Horizons Securities and Exchange Commission security Security Pacific National Bank SEC v. Zandford seizures self-dealing self-neglect self-settled trust Seminar senior housing Senior Resource Network seniors separate property septicemia Serjeant Maynard settlement funds sex share of cost Shari Jankowski Sharon Armstrong Shawmut Bank Shearson Lehman Brothers Sheri Gould Sheri Rosengarten Sherman Warren Sherry Vandervort Shine v. Vega Shirley Crawford Show v. Otto shredder shredding Shriners Hospitals simple will Simpson v. Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services Sisson v. Jankowski Sky’s the Limit Consulting Group Slade V. Dukes slayer statutes Sleeth v. Sleeth SLMB small estates Smart Women Don't Retire Smith & Lee Associates Inc Smithberg v. Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund Smith v. Arizona Long Term Care System Smith v. Lynch Snapper Creek Nursing Home Social Security Social Security Administration Social Security number sole benefit Solon v. Gary Community School Corporation Somerville Senior Citizens Housing South Carolina South Carolina Court of Appeals South Carolina Supreme Court South Dakota Southern Arizona Legal Aid Spanish special actions specialization Special Needs Special Needs Alliance Special Needs Trust Fairness Act Special Needs Trusts spending down spendthrift Spokane spousal maintenance springing springing power of attorney SSDI SSI St. Croix Care Center St. Croix Health Care Center St. Elizabeth Medical Center St. Francis Nursing Home St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co. v. Hausman St. Paul Insurance State Bar State ex rel. Goldberg v. Mahoning County Probate Court State ex rel. Miller v. Publishers Clearing House State of Oregon v. Ashcroft State v. Bermisa State v. Olsen statistics statute of limitations Statute of Wills statutory allowances Steffie Woolhandler Steinback v. Bankers Life Steinberg v. Dep’t of Public Welfare stepchildren stepfather Stephen Dale Stephen Eugster Stephenson v. Shalala Stephenson v. Warren stepmother stepped-up basis Sterling House Stetson University College of Law Steven La Tourette Still Alice Stine v. Dell'Osso stocking stuffers Stockwell v. Stockwell Story County Board of Adjustment Strategic Partnership for Economic Development stretch-out Stride Rite stroke Struempler v. Estate of Kloepping Stuart Zimring substance abuse substituted judgment Succession of Bankston successor trustee suicide Summers v. Garland Summit Bank Sun Healthcare superior guardian supervisory care Supplemental Benefits Trusts Supplemental Security Income SUPPORT Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board v. Murphy surety bond surgery surrogate surviving surviving power of attorney surviving spouse Survivor's Trust survivors benefits survivorship Susan Aziz suspension SWA Inc. dba Century Oak Care Center v. Lynn Straka Take Stock/Take Charge tampering with a witness Tarin v. Bullen Taxes tax exemptions tax lawyers Taylor-McDonald vs. Taylor Teel v. Roberson tenancy in common Tennessee Tennessee Court of Appeals Terri Clarke Terri Dale Terri Schiavo Terry v. Red River Center Corporation testamentary capacity testamentary trust testosterone Texas Texas Court of Appeals Thanksgiving The 36-Hour Day The Conversation The Conversation Project theft The Millionaire Next Door The New England Journal of Medicine The New York Times Theodore Koff The Sandwich Generation The Smartest Retirement Book You'll Ever Read The Transition Network The Williamsburg third-party trust Thomas Betlach Thomas Byrnes Thomas Finucane Thomas Miller Thomas Mullen Thompson v. Dep’t. of Children and Families Timothy P. Maloney Tim Tacaks Tim Takacs TIN Title 36 guardianship Title XIX TOD Tomasits v. Cochise Memory Gardens Tommy Thompson Tony Soltani Tozer v. Warden traditional IRA Traffic Safety Center Tranquilino Ventura transfer on death transfer on death deed Transition traumatic brain injury travel treasure trove Treasury Department Troxel v. Granville True Link Financial trust Trust administration trust companies trust contest truste trustee Trustee's fees trustee discretion Trustees trust mills trust modification Trust of Eiteljorg trust officer Trust Protector trust reformation trust restatement Trusts Trust School trust situs trust termination tube feeding Tucker v. Shreveport Transit Management Inc. U.S. Human Nutrition Center on Aging U.S. Supreme Court U.S. Tax Court U.S. v. Guadagna UAGPPJA UGMA Ultra Trust unauthorized practice of law unclaimed assets undue influence Uniform Anatomical Gifts Act Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act Uniform Commercial Code Uniform Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Act Uniform Power of Attorney Act Uniform Probate Code Uniform Simultaneous Death Law Uniform Transfers to Minors Act Uniform Trust Code Union P. Thomas United Financial Systems United States v. McClatchey unitrust University of Arizona University of California at San Francisco University of Pittsburgh Medical Center unpublished decisions Unum Life Insurance Co. v. Craig Urban Institute US v. Windsor Utah Utah Court of Appeals Utah gap UTMA Vanessa Henningfeld vascular disease vehicles Vencor Vera Elrod Vermont Vermont Supreme Court Vernice Tremble vest pocket deed veterans Veteran’s Administration vexatious litigant Via Christi’s St. Francis Hospital Victoria Blair Victoria Moryn video videotape Vieri Volterra Vinod Patel visitation Vivian E. Greenberg void vulnerable adults Vulnerable Adults Reporting Act waiver programs Wake Forest Baptist Church Wallace Johnson Wall Street Journal Walter and Geraldine Brown Walter Bergeron Walter Bortz Walter J. Nieri Walter Spilman wards Warren Burger Warren Parker Jr. Warren v. IOOF Cemetery wartime service Washington Washington Court of Appeals Washington DC Washington State Washington Supreme Court Wealth Counsel Wells v. Dunn What Color is your Parachute? White House Conference on Aging White Papers Whitford v. Gaskill Wilde v. Wilde will contest William Bruinsma William Leapheart William R. Ford William Sherrill Williamson v. PVOrbit Wills Will to Live will witness Wisconsin Wisconsin Court of Appeals Woestman v. Hon. Russell Women Woodlands Woods v. Commonwealth Woodward v. Commissioner of Social Security Work/Family Directions worksheets Wright v. Johns Hopkins Hospital writing your own obituary Writ of Execution wrongful death Wunderlich v. Alexander Wyoming Wyoming Supreme Court Xenia Miller Yamamoto v. Kercsmar & Feltus Yvette Zachary v. Gluth Zelnick v. Adams Zeman v. Stanford “Anders” brief “electing against the will” “generation-skipping” tax “intentional interference with an expectancy” “intestate succession” “Lady Bird” Deed “Miller”-type trust “Qualified Family Owned Business Interests” “supplemental rebate”
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